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The T&CB Resource Library is a learning space where trainees can find resources and materials to support their professional development.  

In this space, you will find recommended resources from the CCNA’s Cross-Cutting Program Leads. Other resources include a social media guide for trainees and a series of instructional videos on how to prepare for an interview with a broadcast or print journalist.  

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If you have a journal article, book, or video you find invaluable to your graduate or postdoctoral studies, and you would like to share it with other trainees, send an email with a brief description of the resource and a web link to the T&CB Program and we will consider it for posting on the website.

Indigenous Cognitive Health (ICH)

ICH Program Lead, Dr. Jennifer Walker

Engagement of People with Lived Experience of Dementia (EPLED)

EPLED Program Leads, Dr. Jennifer Bethell and Dr. Katherine McGilton

Ethical, Legal and Social Implications of Dementia Research (ELSI)

EPLED Program Leads, Dr. Julie Robillard and Dr. John Fisk

Knowledge Translation & Exchange (KTE)

KTE Program Leads, Dr. Howard Chertkow and Dr. Carrie McAiney

Women, Sex, Gender and Dementia (WSGD)

WSGD Program Lead, Dr. Gillian Einstein

Welcome to At Ease with the Media. This series of five instructional videos, hosted by Master Communicator Eric Bergman, will teach you how to successfully manage an interview with a broadcast or print journalist, and in doing so, tell your research story effectively. Videos are available with English audio and French or English subtitles that can be turned on or off.